7 DAYS OF ZEN Relaxing Bodyscan (Guided Meditation)

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The seven days of sin series so we’re halfway there you can be so proud of yourself for sticking with it and if you have had any challenges or difficulties along the way know that you are not alone meditation can be really tricky from time to time and we all have it just stick with it and know that you are totally awesome for investing this time in yourself today we are going to do a body scan meditation which is just a great way to stop rushing through your day and reunite mind and body you can do this one sitting down.

Easy natural breaths

 But if you really want to get into it you can also do this one lying down so take a moment to get ready hit pause if you need to and then let’s go [Music] begin by bringing your attention inward and becoming aware of your body you can close your eyes or keep it soft gaze if you are sitting down notice how your body is seated feel the weight of your body on the chair or on the floor if you’re laying down feel the earth rise up to support the full weight of your body take a few deep breaths in and out don’t force it just easy natural breaths enjoy the peace of your in-breath and enjoy the release of your out-breath with every exhalation feel your body becoming more relaxed [Music]

Bring your attention

Then turn your attention all the way to your feet and ankles notice the sensation of your feet touching the floor perhaps the weight pressure or small vibrations or you might not feel anything at all there everything is okay just as it should be we are merely observing whatever is going on slowly bring your attention upwards towards your legs how they feel against the chair or on the floor do you feel any pressure pulsing heaviness or lightness any changes in temperature or tingling [Music] now start to notice the sensations in your back feel the support of the floor or your chair on your back rising up to hold you what sensations do you notice here try not to label them as good or bad simply become aware of them see if you can soften a bit here by breathing into this area [Music]

Your shoulders be soft and relaxed

Now bring your attention to your stomach area if it is tense or tight see if you can soften just a little bit feel the stomach move as you breathe in and out notice your hands and any sensations you might feel move your attention towards your arms what do you feel there that your shoulders be soft and relaxed now notice your chest shoulders neck and throat area we store lots of tension in this area throughout the day what sensations arise here [Music] soften your jaw let the muscles in the neck and face become relaxed and soft how does your face feel your ears your forehead your scalp [Music]

Breathe out stress and tension

 Now as best you can try to be aware of your whole body breathing this body awareness and breathe out stress and tension now when you’re ready open your eyes how do you feel now I’d be really happy to read your experiences in the comments below so let me know how you did a body scan meditation can be so nice so bookmark this video by giving it a thumbs up so you can return through it easily whenever you feel like it.

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