ARE YOU BURNING OUT? Recognize the Signs of a Burn-out

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ARE YOU BURNING OUT? Recognize the Signs of a Burn-out

 Everyone welcome to simple happy sin I’m Farrah and it’s getting kind of dark here kind of a nice early September the Falls just around the corner and this got me inspired to do a video about burnouts and as you may or may not know I’ve recently recovered from a burn up myself so I definitely know what it’s like and I feel like burnouts are a very clear sign that the body is giving us to slow down to take a break to make some changes and to take very seriously because life is just too short and too sweet and too precious to continue to feel bad so if you’re feeling out of sorts wondering.

Let’s begin so burnouts are getting

  • What is up this is the video for you let’s begin so burnouts are getting more and more common these days especially among people between 20 and 40 years of age and a lot of people myself included wait a very long time to do something about it
  • We just think that it’s just because you know this project at work or just because we need a vacation soon or something like that instead of taking immediate action and I looking back on it
  • Now I realize that I had some of these warning signs at least a year year and a half before I got diagnosed with a burnout so as most of these things the sooner we tend to it the better.

 Let’s start with number one

  • So if you recognize some of these signs I definitely invite you to go see your doctor about them small disclaimer I’m not a doctor of course and you talk to your loved ones.
  • About it so let’s start with number one [Music] so when you’re having trouble sleeping of course it can have many causes but if you’re normally a good sleeper and you sort you start to suddenly have trouble sleeping that can definitely be a sign.
  • That something is up that you were having trouble letting go of control and let’s sleep come over you instead of you know worrying about things and thinking about things and feeling tense and feeling stressed especially.
  • If you start work on Monday and you can sleep on Sunday evening that can definitely be a sign that your subconscious is kind of dreading going to work the next day.

You’re having trouble sleeping here

  • So when you’re having trouble sleeping here not normally having this kind of trouble with it that can definitely be a sign so the body and the mind are definitely related.
  • So if there’s something going on in the mind it’s bound to cause some physical complaints as well with a burnout they can be quite numerous can be very different for different people .
  • But they often include headaches extreme tiredness dizziness erasing feeling in the chest feeling very anxious in your body tense muscles.
  • Also gastric reflux and a low immune system so you’re maybe getting flu or catch your cold more easily feel feverish or get a sore throat [Music].

Bound to be some mental issues

  • So there are bound to be some mental issues of course as well they can be very different again for everyone but they often include having a bad memory bad concentration finding the right words can be tough when you’re trying to have conversation.
  • Also we can be emotional we can be very irritable and it’s possible that you’re having more negative thoughts than you’re used to [Music] so these things are bound to create a difference in the way we act as well .
  • This can also mean a lot of things but it can mean that you’re starting to eat more or less I remember I ate very small portions because I just didn’t have any appetite in the beginning .
  • I can also mean that you start to act caddy or snippy because you’re irritable it can also mean that you’re wanting to be alone a lot of the time.

You recognize some signs if you did I really advise

  • So you’re not meeting up with friends anymore and it can mean that you start to eat or drink differently so we can use more coffee more sugary products or more alcohol and last but not least
  • how are you feeling emotionally people with burnout often report feeling sad feeling depressed having mood swings or feeling very anxious or rushed so did you recognize.
  • Some of these signs if you did I really advise you to go see your doctor about it and a talk with your loved ones and take care of yourself it doesn’t mean that you are weak because it takes a lot of strength to take care and to make.
  • Some changes just a piece of personal friendly advice I know that it might seem dark or difficult right now but you will get through it and the burnout is also a great thing because it teaches us very clearly that.
  • We need to take better care and we can learn also a lot through it about what matters to us most in life give this video a thumbs up if you want to show your support and of course.

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