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Personal Profile

Jacob Kaul - director



  • Head of Computer Department of the Navy at Israel Defense Forces - rank of LCDR

  • Senior Sales Manager at Digital (DEC) - Established successful new technology sales business to the technical OEM market in Israel. Build the sales channels and dedicated direct specific sales. Responsible for training sales personnel in Poland and for introducing Digital’s Hi-Tech products into the Russian market.

  • In recognition of outstanding Sales performance, achieved 4 times the Corporate Excellence award.

  • Vice President of International Sales and Services at ORNET Data Communication Technologies - Start-up, organization of 100+ employees, developed and distributed through partners, a unique network (LAN) switching solutions. In Sep. 1995, the company was acquired by Siemens AG.

  • Vice President World Wide Sales at Elbit – HyNEX - Innovative vendor of ATM Data Communication devices, the company was acquired first by Elbit, changed the name from HyNET to HyNEX and later acquired by Cisco.

  • Vice President Business Development NSIcom - 150 people, the company was dealing with Java Virtual Machine technology for Embedded devices, Software outsourcing services and development, distribution of test equipment .

  • Vice President of Business Development at Amdocs (Central and Eastern EU) - Responsible for closing major solution deals of 100’s of USD-M, establishing local company offices (in Poland, Russia and Hungary) and hiring local Sales and Business support resources. In recognition of outstanding performance achieved the highest Corporate Excellence award.

  • Operation Manager in Russia and CIS - Vimpelcom (Beeline); Director of Sales to Business Segment Customers – annual business volume of about $700M delivered by over 700 sales and technical support teams.

  • Own Company – ABC&D-5285 – Associates (ad-hock partners gathering) dealing with Business Creation and Development – Promoting Israeli Companies on the International market, focus on conducting non-direct Sales and dealing with International JV, M&A or Business Cooperation.  Cooperating with broad spectrum of innovative and diversified companies in high-tech and low-tech as well.

  • Director at BIOFEED (2018-2021) – company developing and distributing solutions of pest control without usage of spray or poison. 

  • Voluntary activity as mentor - in frame of UNISTREAM organization as mentor of young people (age 15-18) - in frame of KEREN SHEMESH organization as mentor of adult entrepreneurs of age 22-35 and in frame of  YOZMOT ATID organization as mentor of Woman entrepreneurship.  

Additional activity

  • Graduate Director and Sr public position advanced training.

  • BoD member – two companies (S/H house – for 3 years till 2006) and (Agri company – pest control products  - till 2020).

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