Final photos of victims taken by their killers

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Final photos of victims taken by their killers – Harvey Glatman was an American sequential executioner. He showed his introverted conduct and sadomasochistic sexual inclinations since the beginning. Media immediately nicknamed him “The Lonely Hearts Killer”. Glatman began when he moved to Los Angeles, where he acted like an expert picture taker to draw young ladies into his lodging with the guarantee of pain free income and work. There, he tied them up, captured them, and in the end executed and dumped their bodies in the desert.

Caution! This page may contain realistic language, pictures and recordings that a few watchers may discover upsetting. Not suitable for kids younger than 18.

This image was taken by sequential executioner Robert Ben Rhoades. 14-year-old Regina Kay Walters was one of the various ladies held in a 18-wheeler furnished with a dungeon in the back. The photograph was taken in a surrendered Illinois animal dwellingplace, where Rhoades murdered Walters in the wake of removing her hair and making her wear a dark dress and heels.

Bradford was detained in a most extreme security San Quentin State Prison for the 1984 killings of his 15-year-old neighbor Tracey Campbell and barmaid Shari Miller, making them the main authority casualties. In Bradford’s loft, specialists discovered 54 distinct ladies in demonstrating presents. Since he had baited Shari Miller with the guarantee of a demonstrating profession and took pictures earlier killing her, police have motivation to trust BradfordRobert Berdella

Robert Andrew “Weave” Berdella was an American sequential executioner from Kansas City, Missouri. He assaulted, tormented, and executed at any rate six men. Berdella was aware of his homosexuality. In 1984, he began dating Jerry Howell, an attractive 19-year-old male whore. On July fifth, 1984, Berdella welcomed Howell to his home, where he medicated him with tranquilizers for creatures and immobilized him by restricting him to a bed. In the next hours he more than once assaulted his casualty, expounded cautiously on the procedure into his journal, and took a few pictures to remember his dream later. This was the start of his torment and murder binge. was, truth be told, a sequential executioner and the photographs speak to the young lady’s last minutes before their deaths.Robert Sheldon

One year from now, a companion of Berdella, 18-year-old Robert Sheldon, came to remain with him for a couple of days and ended up sedated and held hostage in the cellar simply like Howell before him. He was killed following 3 days of torment by suffocation.

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