Flex paste reviews – is it really works?

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Flex paste reviews – Flex Paste is a sealant item made by the American organization Flex Seal which was presented in February 2020 as an expansion to its fruitful Flex Seal item family which incorporates Flex Tape. The eager CEO of the organization Phil Swift is highlighted in the item’s advertisements which motivated a progression of article naming images.


On February fourteenth, 2020, Flex Seal discharged “Flex Paste™ Commercial – Phil Swift” to YouTube (demonstrated as follows). During the commerical Phil Swift shows how Flex Paste can be utilized. The video earned more than 5,000,000 perspectives in about fourteen days. The item was likewise acquainted with their site which portrayed the item by saying “Flex Paste™ is an overly thick rubber treated glue that sticks to the surface and immediately fills huge holes, breaks and gaps. When dry, Flex Paste transforms into a solid, adaptable, watertight, rubber treated covering that seals out air, water and moisture.”[2] On February 26th, Stay Hipp[1] distributed an article on the different images the business enlivened.

Glue on Wall

On February fifteenth, 2020, Redditor C-Legend posted an article naming image of Phil Swift applying the past to a divider to r/dankmemes[3] (demonstrated as follows, left). That equivalent day, Redditor Thispostisveryfunny posted a comparable item marking picture with respect to homework to r/memes[4] (demonstrated as follows, right).

Glue on Barrel

On February sixteenth, 2020, Redditor ElliotDot transferred an article naming image of Swift stopping up a hole in a barrel with the glue to r/dankmemes[5] and increased more than 500 focuses (97% upvoted) in 11 days (demonstrated as follows, left). On February 23rd, Redditor Dahooligan559 utilized the layout to post an image in regards to first graders to r/dankmemes[6] and got more than 63,000 focuses (97% upvoted) in four days (indicated beThat same day, Redditor prestidigtator utilized a similar format to remark on film executives’ utilization of the word nano (demonstrated as follows). The picture presented on r/dankmemes[7] amassed more than 52,300 focuses (97% upvoted) in four dayslow, right).

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