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welcome to simple happy Zen i’m veda and this is a really nice meditation practice that you can do when you’re feeling a little bit stressed or stuck inside your head with your many thoughts this practice is designed to get you out of your head and release any feelings of stress or anxiety that we have so hopefully you’ll feel more calm and at ease the rest of your day.

A comfortable position

  • Let’s start by finding a comfortable position try to feel what works for you today can be something else and yesterday so try to feel what works for you today it can be on the floor and cross-legged or on a chair you can also lift up the hips a little on a pillow anything where you can feel comfortable and sit up tall place your hands.
  • Wherever they feel good so on your knees or on your legs or in your lap try to sit up tall not too tall just sit up straight drop your chin just slightly so that the neck is also straight now close your eyes softly and relax the muscles around your eyes and in your face I’ll guide you with my voice so no need to look at the video anymore you can just close your eyes [Music].
  • It’s great that you took this time for yourself you’re sitting down now the hardest part is over if you feel like you still got a million things to do working on your checklist having a really busy day or a really busy week see if you can allow yourself to let go of your checklist for just a few minutes trusting the fact that it will still be there later.
  • When you need it but right now allow yourself to let it go we spend a lot of our time in our heads thinking our thoughts and forgetting that they are just thoughts and we are not just our minds but we also have a body and by bringing our awareness down from the mind to our body we can start to feel more like ourselves and in one piece and find calmness in the mind and the breath is a really great tool for uniting our mind with our body.

Start focusing on the breath hopefully

So let’s start focusing on the breath hopefully you found a comfortable position by now let’s start by just breathing in and out nothing fancy here just natural in an out breathing no need to change your breath just now just feeling the breath as it enters your body and as it leaves your body be aware of the quality of your breath how does it feel how is the quality of the air around you and as you sit still just watching your breath see if you can deepen it just a little bit so take a deep breath in and long breath out again deep breath in and a long breath out deep breath in and sigh it out this time through to mouth.

  • We’re gonna turn our shoulder set up now just for a riddle relaxation so turn your shoulders forward on the in-breath up and then back and down on the out-breath so forward up and then back down on the out-breath and one more time forward up and then back down on the out-breath notice how you feel right now be aware of all sensations in your body or in your mind or your breath how do you feel now [Music] and let’s start focusing on the breath once more and this time.
  • I want you to feel where in your body your breath feels the strongest or where do you feel your breath in your body the most do you feel it in your belly as it rises and as it falls do you feel it in your chest and your back or maybe do you feel it near your nostrils where the breath enters and leaves your body where does the breath feel strongest to you today [Music] and focus on that part of your body where you feel the breath.
  • If your mind starts to wonder just notice it no problem no biggie and without judging yourself return to your birth and where you feel it in your body so be kind to yourself [Music] focusing on the breath is such a great tool for the mind to find some peace and quiet it takes practice of course but that’s okay and now we’re going to try to be aware of our entire bodies so not just the part where you feel the breath but your entire body from head to toe and on the in-breath we are going to breathe in this body awareness and on the out-breath.

Release the stress and attention

We are going to release the stress and attention in our bodies so let’s start right now by breathing in just being aware of your body nothing fancy and breathing out releasing any stress intention that you’re holding if you feel like signing it out that’s a great way to release stress so go for it [Music] breathing in our body awareness and breathing out stress and tension.

  • you don’t have to do this perfectly or ace this practice don’t expect anything from yourself you’re not perfect and you don’t have to be just enjoy this moment right now where you’re breathing in your body awareness and breathing out any stress and tension then you are still carrying I’m gonna let you do this on your own for a little bit so again.
  • If you find that your mind starts to wonder simply notice it and return to your breath with a smile [Music] when we drop our awareness like this from our mind into our body it’s possible to feel a little bit dizzy at first that’s nothing to worry about that if you feel like you need a little break then take it be kind to yourself otherwise continue breathing in your body awareness and breathing out stress and tension [Music] a as we near the end of this practice.
  • Just notice how you feel right now keep your eyes closed and then slowly bring your attention to the room your surroundings gently wiggle your fingers and your toes and now slowly open your eyes thank you so much for choosing this video and doing this meditation practice with me if you liked it give it a thumbs up so you can return to it easily any time you feel stressed out or you feel like you could use some calm in your day.

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