How to deal Life with Depression and Anxiety

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can you help me I used to be sad and depressed but now I feel like I’m scared of everything I don’t want to drive I am scared to be out of the house I don’t like doing things that I used to enjoy please tell me what to do okay okay not a big deal I will take you out tomorrow where are we going we will go to skydiving I can’t do that it is impossible you want to be okay or you want to live like the life you have it right now okay I don’t know then we went to skydiving his fear was on an extreme level but he was happy as a winner at the end now he’s the owner of three 7-eleven franchise and has two restaurants sometimes you must deal face to face for the things you are scared of most to live life with fullest in this video.

We are going to discuss how this all started

How we can deal with this kind of situation two major things we all have some points in our life I call them brother and sister means depression and anxiety but when they attack you at the same time and you are down if you know hope let’s find out more details depression most people experience some form of depression at some point in their lives depression is a kind of sadness that will end you up with no hopes it is treatable for many people treatment can mean a whole new life if you have experienced four or more of the following symptoms nearly every day for more than two weeks you may be suffering from depression .

The feeling of sadness or hopelessness lack of interest or pleasure in usual activities unexplained gain or loss of weight frequent back aches headaches stomach problems or other aches that don’t respond to treatment can’t sleep or too much sleeping low energy tiredness feeling worthless or guilty inability to concentrate and remember or make decisions frequent thought of suicide or death so how to treat without medications.

Walk 30 minutes to meditate yourself

 One wake up early and walk 30 minutes to meditate yourself do yoga at least three eat healthily and avoid anything like junk food four write down in a paper why you are sad make notes and read them you will find out some of them do not make any sense 5 take some time off go vacation and try to do what you love to do most six don’t feel scared of being alone 7 watch something on the TV like comedy or find something to laugh surround yourself with happy people 8 tell yourself that this sadness will pass then look for signs that it is ending.

Now let’s find out what is anxiety feeling

 Now let’s find out what is anxiety feeling worried anxious and nervous is a normal part of everyday life everyone feels anxious from time to time however it is not healthy when anxiety becomes overwhelming and interferes with daily life symptoms excessive worrying poor concentration constant sadness you fear that something terrible is going to happen trembling twitching or shaking breathlessness or rapid heartbeat sweating or cold clammy hands many people including children and adolescents develop anxiety disorders in which many of these symptoms .

Phobia and panic disorder are two common anxiety

When there is no identifiable cause phobia and panic disorder are two common anxiety related disorders phobias are irrational involuntary fears of commonplaces objects or situations panic disorder is characterized by distinct periods of intense fear and anxiety that occur when there is no apparent cause or danger physical symptoms that may occur during a panic attack including hyperventilation shaking pounding of the heart and feeling faint self-care often combined with professional treatment can be useful in managing these disorders treatment recognize and accept anxiety about specific fears or situations then say to you okay.

Now I will start to deal

 I see the problem now I will start to deal with it get enough rest do some exercise on a regular basis avoid alcohol caffeine chocolate and nicotine they increase your anxiety level do something you enjoy such as going to a funny movie or taking a hike plan your day having too much or too little to do can make you anxious please keep a record of your symptoms and talk about them with a friend confiding with others sometimes relieves stress get involved with helping others remember you are the driver of your own life when this brother and sister I mean depression and anxiety attacks you you struck them with full force live a life with the most comprehensive and enjoy every moment if you like this video and think it’s useful .

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