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 Welcome to my meditation tips for beginners video if you’re new here welcome to simple happy Zen I’m Farrah and this is already one of my favorites because I know that a lot of people who start out with meditation experience the same kind of problems or difficulties and it can be easy to just give up but with these tips I’m sure that will be very helpful and will bring you further on your way.

 Start with tip number one

·         Find some balance in your pose

  • so let’s start with tip number one so tip number one I think is very important and that is to find some balance in your pose and I think most people experience difficulties with this especially in the beginning.
  • we think of meditation and we see this perfect Lotus shape that you have to be in for hours and it’s just not a comfortable post for most of us and you know in fact it doesn’t even matter a lot.
  • Which pose that you take it matters that you’re comfortable in it so choose the pose that is comfortable for your body you can just sit on a chair or on the bed or on the floor and you can just sit in cross-legged position anything really that that supports.
  • You that supports your body and that you can have a straight spine in that one’s actually important for your meditation to be able to sit up straight so if you have to support your hips a little bit you know sit on a pillow or on a chair that’s perfectly fine and the reason that it’s important to have a straight spine is that it translates into your meditation.
  • So find balance in how straight your spine is while you meditate and with this I mean you know don’t sit too slumped down because if you do chances are that your meditation will become like that as well so you know too casual not aware enough.
  • But also don’t try to force your way into you know this release straight spine because it’s just not comfortable it will also translate into your meditation becoming to force and people can even experience headaches when they do this so just find some holes that’s really easy for you to be in for.

Tip number two

·         Don’t try to get somewhere’

  • A while tip number two is don’t try to get somewhere and with this I mean you try to sit down and you think okay I’m going to meditate for this amount of time and I want to accomplish this or that or I want to feel this or that and you try to get there but meditating is actually a really great practice at just being mindful of what’s happening and accepting whatever goes goes on so if you try to get somewhere you basically close yourself off for any other opportunities to feel or experience something so just let it wash over you and accept.

Tip number three

·         Practices regural

Where things are going number three is also an important one meditation takes practice and it works best if you practice regularly it doesn’t matter if it’s every day or every other day you know some of us are just easier than others but do try to bring some kind of regularity into your practice because it will grow when you do it more.

Tip number four

·         Don’t force yourself

  • Which brings me to tip number four which is also an important one I think one that I’ve learned as well over the last period in my life and that is to not force yourself if you’re really not feeling it that day or if you’re really really busy don’t force yourself to meditate anyway because if you’re having a tough time with it it’s just gonna die motivate you to go further and it’s not bringing you any positive things also I found it really helpful to meditate for less time
  • Than you think you’re capable of that day so for example if you think I’m going to meditate for 10 minutes then set your timer for seven minutes instead and that way you will stop you know when it’s going really well and you were really looking forward to the practice of tomorrow so if you think I just have time for five minutes then do it for three and if you think that you can meditate for half an hour then do it for twenty two minutes or something like that and you will always quit at your highest point.

Tip number five

·         It’s okay to have thoughts

  • So people always ask me when I meditate is your mind really quiet or do you not think about stuff or how long can you go without thinking and it’s not really a weird question because a lot of people have this misconception that if you meditate you can’t have any thoughts and it’s actually quite the opposite when you meditate you’re just being aware of things so thoughts are one of them you’re aware of all sensations in your body your thoughts you know how your mind works how you feel that day even your surroundings you try to be aware of things instead of pushing them to the background or denying them so this might really lift some weight off your shoulders if you’re one of those people who think you know I can’t meditate because I keep having thoughts that’s perfectly normal just observe your thoughts you know don’t try to follow them through but just see them observe them and you know see them pass as well and it’s all okay.

Tip number six

·         Set a timer

  • So if you recognize this then you’re not alone a lot of people when they meditate they start to think you know gosh how long have I been meditating for maybe two minutes three minutes I don’t know you know should I continue or should I quit and it’s really distracting these kinds of thoughts so really practical tip set yourself a timer you know set it for the amount of time you want to meditate and you know that you don’t have to worry about how long how much time has passed how much you still have to go you can just rely on the fact that you set a timer and not worry about these things and they will really calm your mind that way it’s not easy to meditate.

Tip number seven

·         Find a place where you won’t be disturbed

  • When you have constant distractions so when you have children or pets or a partner walking around in the house or your phone starts to ring all the time it’s not easy to meditate so find a place where you can be alone for a little while doesn’t matter where it doesn’t have to be a really lovely space just somewhere waking me alone and you can rely on the fact that you will not be disturbed for as long as you want to meditate and if you don’t have any placelike that in your house you can always use the bathroom.

Tip number eight

·         Itches be crazy

  • A lot of people say that when you meditate you have to sit in the same position for the entire length of your practice and if you have an itch you just have to ignore it or if your leg goes to sleep then you know tough luck and that’s not the way that I learned it in fact if you walk into a room with a lot of monks meditating you’ll definitely see some of them moving around a little bit and scratching an itch or repositioning their and that’s.
  •  Actually fine it’s also a great way to practice being aware of things so when you have an itch for example you’re aware of the sensations that you feel and when you scratch it you’re also aware of the relief that you feel now that the itch is gone so just you know if you have a problem fix it it’s okay and if you’re one of those people who is having a hard time just being still because you’re a very busy person then do try to not to fidget too much.

Tip number nine

·         Don’t get scared at the amount of thoughts

  • So really be mindful of the fact that you’re sitting still and that’s fine too so this is actually an interesting one because a lot of people when they meditate they say that they cannot do it because whenever they sit down their mind starts to race even more they have even more thoughts than they’re used to and they just think that they’re unable to meditate when in fact it’s quite the opposite your mind is just doing what it’s usually doing it’s just doing its job you know creating thoughts but right now you’re being aware of them and you’re being aware of the sheer volume of thoughts racing through your mind and that’s not a bad sign it’s really a good sign that you’re noticing this and so don’t be afraid just you know notice them don’t get lost in your thoughts but just notice them coming and going and it’s perfectly normal.

Tip number ten

·         Don’t define yourself

  • Which brings us to the last of my tips which is try to not define the results of your meditation as good or bad so try not to think you know okay today was really bad meditation or today went really well it’s just going how it’s going and that’s okay with practice the mind will become more at ease calmer and you will find that the mind becomes more pliable and that’s all fine you’ll get there eventually so try not to do results as good or bad there is no.
  •  Such thing as a bad meditation we’ve come to the end of my video these are my top 10 tips for you I hope they were really helpful if you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you want more and now I also have a question for you what’s the most difficult thing that you encounter .

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