Simple Memory Tricks to Remember What You Read

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on the topic of remembering more of what you read with certain types of techniques and I want to get right into the information here as we know when we’re talking about speed reading it’s not just about speed it’s also about what you remember because I would argue that you know if you’re going fast and you can’t remember anything later on then that’s not very useful so let’s talk about some techniques and I think you’re gonna find these techniques to be very very helpful so let’s get right into it I want to start off by talking.

short-term memory

 About the short-term memory we all know that we’re kind of limited to in our short-term memory what I mean by that is up you may already be familiar with this the magic number seven and in 1956 there was a paper the exact name of the paper was the magic number seven plus or minus two it was by this psychologist George Miller and he basically was showing that the average capacity of short-term memory is about seven now what does he mean by that well think about.

The Magic Number 7

 When you’re making a grocery list how many items does it take before you actually have to start writing a list down for example if you were just getting bread and milk you probably wouldn’t make a list at all but if you had to get you know bread milk tomatoes you know and maybe ten other things then obviously you’re probably gonna make a list because it’s harder to remember you know nine ten eleven or more things and it’s easier to remember a smaller amount of things so basically George Miller’s paper was talking about the magic number seven.

 How most people their memory is limited to about seven individual pieces of data now the plus or minus 2 just accounts for just variations among people now let’s talk about how we can expand our short-term memory because we don’t want to be limited to just seven things and and when you’re reading usually you have much more than seven things that you have to remember so we need some techniques and one technique you can see on the screen here is called the chunking memory technique.

How you expand your short-term memory

 The chunking technique can help you expand your short-term memory so I want to talk about how the chunking technique works so I want you to try in this exercise to memorize ten digit number so look at the screen look at this number do not write it down I just want you to look at it and try to memorize that it’s a really big number it’s three billion 129 million eight hundred twenty three thousand eight hundred twelve now how would you how would you remember has that you might repeat it to yourself a few times now some people might write it down a few times to help them remember I’m asking you don’t write it down.

 I just want you to try to look at this and try to memorize it now let me ask you to memorize another ten digit number now and this is a ten digit number but it’s in the format of a phone number and I think we would all agree which one of these is easier to memorize is it three billion 129 million you know eight hundred twenty thirty thousand eight hundred twelve or three one two nine eight to thirty eight twelve they’ll all of us would agree that the bottom one the one that’s formatted like a phone number is easier to memorize.

Creat mind map

 Now how do we use chunking to remember what we read a mind map is actually a form of chunking when you create a mind map to take notes you are actually chunking the information that you read and you’re putting it into groups so notice how each one of these groups so this is just a sample mind map here on time management and notice how all of these areas have pretty much less than 7 things under them why because it’s hard to remember more than seven things so you have a topic and then you’ve got a few things under clarity and you have some things under here you’ve got effectiveness over here you’ve got a few under there and so on and so forth so mind mapping is actually a very effective way and we talk about this all the time in our speed reading courses using mind maps can actually help you remember what you read because it employs the chunking technique and we know that we remember things in chunks or clusters so if you create a mind map to take

Let’s talk about remember things visually

 So let’s try let’s talk about another technique here this is called the peg system this is going to help you remember things visually now this is what the reason why I’m bringing this up this is one of the easiest memory systems you can learn and I’m gonna show you how to do it in this webinar and actually can be applied to a list of anything and it helps you remember things in their exact order as well and this can help you remember a list of 10 items or it could help you this peg system can actually be extended to help you remember 20 things or 30 things or 40 things and I want to talk to you about how you use this so I’m trying to bear with me here first this is gonna take maybe 15 minutes to show you how to learn this and I’m actually going to teach you how to memorize a list right now and then I’m gonna talk to you about how do you apply this to remembering what you read

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