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Personal Profile

Tom Shabat - public director


  • 2015 - to date - investment banking 

    •   Broad activity in the Israeli capital market and consulting for investment groups.

    •   Involvement in consulting and investments (private and public), in managing issuances, A&M mergers and      acquisitions, LBO, underwriting and fundraising, capital financing and complex debt.

    • Relationships and collaborations with underwriters and international investment bankers.

    •  Management of investments/mergers and acquisitions, leading investment and entrepreneurship processes in various fields, consulting on IPOs, mergers and acquisitions in the capital market,

    • Including the field of skeletons, raising investments, creative thinking while in-depth analysis of the feasibility of the investment, analysis of financial statements.

    •  Driving projects to improve companies, alongside experience in collaborative processes and complex mergers, analysis and underwriting.

    • Integrative engagement in investment issues, business development and economic and legal consulting, alongside integration in leading the company to goals and successes.

    • Driving business development processes - locating and examining business opportunities, analyzing business models, checking economic viability.

    • Driving strategic moves and investments for the purpose of streamlining the current activity and promoting investments for the development of the company.

    • Lead the company into new and unique areas of specialization, while fully interacting with members of senior management.

    • Legal advice: employment agreements, sales agreements, exclusivity contracts, distribution and joint venture agreements, regulation, financing and complex financing.

    • Analysis and editing of legal documents, alongside accompanying the processes of making engagements and signing various contracts.

    • Project management and cross-organizational streamlining, taking into account regulatory issues and business fluctuations in the industry.

  • 2020-present - director of the public company Go.D.M

  • 2020-to date - independent director of the public company Biomit Foodtech, member of the audit committee and compensation committee

  • 2015 - to date - attorney - "Tom Shabbat - law firm"

  • 2014-2015 - Lawyer, firm specializing in civil-commercial law - Iraqi Law Firm & Co


  • 2021 - Directors course, Bar Association.

  • 2019 - Advanced analyst course and investment management, the Stock Exchange


  • 2015-2017 - Graduated with a master's degree in business administration with specialization in finance (A.B.M.), Netanya Academic College

  • 2015 - Received a law license

  • 2010-2013 - Graduated with a combined bachelor's degree in law and business administration (B.LL.), Netanya Academic College

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