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  • Digital dieses management (DDM) is becoming a desired mode of treatment for health care providers due to the significant increase is support needed by patients to achieve therapy goals, especially for chronic diseases.

  • One of the main DDM application area is diabetes where multiple platforms of connected  blood glucose meters coupled with diabetes management apps are available for users.

  • The EyePen® system,  is a complete diabetes management system intended for patient’s on insulin injection therapy. The system  aggregates data essential for diabetes management including insulin dosing. The system includes a smart add-on to disposable insulin pens, a personal diabetes. management smartphone application and a web-based application for personal use and medical staff.

  • The EyePen system offers a package of monitoring & reminders system with professional health care follow-up focused on diabetic patient on insulin injection therapy a patient segment which is poorly managed today.

Project manager

Gabriel Bitton Ph.D.

NextGen, Project manager of the EyePen system.

The EyePen system is intended for diabetes management for patients on
insulin injection therapy. The includes a smart addon to disposable insulin
pens, a diabetes management personal smart app and web app for patients and

The EyePen  system

  • The EyePen® system is an advanced diabetes management system.

  • It helps users, caregivers, as well as therapy providers, manage diabetes therapy effortlessly, effectively, and more efficiently

  • The system consists of a device and a smartphone application.

  • The device is a smart add-on to insulin injection pens that automatically tracks pen activity.

  • The device can be used via adaptors with all major insulin pens.

  • The smartphone application aggregates and display dosing data as well as other essential information and provides reminders and notifications.

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