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Personal Profile

Jacob Amidror- director



  • Served as National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister and Chief of Staff for National Security (April 2011 - November 2013,
    enlisted in the paratroopers in August 1966 and served in the IDF until 2002,

  • In his last position in the IDF, he was the commander of the military colleges (1998-2002).

  • Among his positions in the army: the intelligence officer of the Sinai Division, the control chief of the AMN ("the devil's advocate"), the intelligence officer of the command

  • The North, head of a large technological project, head of the research division at the Amn, military secretary to the minister of defense.

  • Has a master's degree in political science from the University of Haifa and a graduate of the National Security College in Israel

  • After his release from the army, he served as a director in large companies in Israel ("ZIM", "The Petrochemical Plants" and "The Company to Israel").

  • Currently, he is a director of the "Shevra Israel" company, the "Sheikh Medical" company (a medical cannabis company) and the chairman of the board of the
    "Nextgen Medical" (which deals in medical diagnostics) and a consultant to companies in the fields of energy, cyber and high tech.

  • He published two books in the fields of military and intelligence ("Reflections on the Army and Security" and "Intelligence in Practice"), as well as several Monographs: on the Israeli experience in fighting terrorism, on the changes in the Middle East since 2010, on the options for a solution, The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, and the logic of Iran's forceful restraint in Syria and Lebanon.

  • He wrote in the press in Israel and around the world.

  • He was appointed to several committees that dealt with issues related to national security and strategy.

   Among the rest:

- Was a member of the "Meridor Committee" that tried to redefine the principles of       national security,
- Appointed by the Prime Minister to lead an inspection team whose goal is to              propose improvements in the work of the government's security cabinet.

- He headed the team that inspected the intelligence before and during the fighting    in Lebanon in 2006,Israel. All the team's recommendations were accepted by the        government (2017).

  • From time to time advises government agencies in the fields of national security. Among other things, he was asked to assist in the decision-making process by

       Prime Minister Olmert before the attack on the reactor in Syria in 2007 and towards             the decision by Prime Minister Netanyahu on the negotiations with

       USA on the Iranian issue, after the entry of the Biden administration in 2021.

  • Currently a senior researcher at the "Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security" (JISS) and the JINSA research center in Washington, USA.

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